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A typical office job may leave those who enjoy working with their hands disappointed and unfulfilled. Take into account the enjoyment and satisfaction you obtain from working with your hands to help guide you on the right career path. Options abound for those looking for a hands-on career.


Careers based on specific trades fit well with those who wish to work with their hands. This can include positions such as electricians, plumbers and heating and air conditioning experts, also known as HVAC professionals. Those interested in these fields typically begin with apprenticeship programs through local high schools, career centers and community colleges. Other trades include metal fabrication and automobile mechanics and collision repair.

Health and Medicine

Careers related to the field of medicine and health studies offer opportunities for those interested in hands-on careers. Doctors, ranging from general health practitioners to cardiac surgeons, perform important work with their hands. Surgical technicians and nurses assist in many areas of the health care industry, including private practices and hospitals. The various fields of diagnostic testing allow for careers in a variety of positions, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologists and ultrasound technicians. Sports therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy represent other career options in health care that offer you the opportunity to work with your hands.

Building and Maintenance

Within the construction industry, carpenters, cabinet makers and drywall installers all work with their hands. They frame homes, build cabinets and finish off the walls for final design and decorative touches. Landscapers and garden experts work hands-on while maintaining the outside appearance of buildings and homes. Public works officials and private contractors, focused on installing and maintaining utilities and telecommunication equipment, are other options for those looking for a hands-on career.

Other Options

Several entrepreneurial ventures offer those who like to work with their hands an opportunity to work while enjoying their passion. This can include careers as personal chefs, bakery owners and cake decorators. Other similar positions include those offering catering service and event planning and setup services. Jewelry professionals work with their hands while setting stones and repairing jewelry. Veterinarians and veterinarian assistants work with their hands while taking care of animals. Farmers, soap makers and glass blowers also work hands-on.

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