Compound Activities for Kindergarten

Teaching kindergartners how to put compound words together can be an enjoyable and interactive experience for them. Start with simple worksheets and activities. Children then can progressively do more complex compound activities to develop their skills in putting words together and understanding the English language. Most likely, once the kids understand the concept, they will enjoy the challenge of the activities as they progress.

  1. Start Simple

    • Create a worksheet with simple words separated by a plus sign. Follow the words with a blank space where the children can write the words together to create a compound word. For example, butter + fly = butterfly. Putting several of these types of problems in a row on a worksheet can create a simple activity that will teach children the basic idea of how compound words come together.

    Add Difficulty

    • Once children know how to identify compound words, you can create an activity that challenges them a bit more. One good activity is to show them a compound word in a sentence, and ask them to identify it and break it down into its basic parts. For example, write a sentence that reads something similar to "Mary made pancakes." Then ask them what the compound word is. The kids will say, "pancakes." Then ask them to break the compound word into two words, to which they'll respond "pan" and "cakes."

    Use Games

    • An effective method for teaching children is through games. One that they can use to identify compound words is a word search in which they have to find compound words. Another method is a line game. Line up several different words in two columns and ask them to connect the words that create compound words by drawing a line to each one.

    Be Creative

    • Numerous activities, games and worksheets can teach children compound words. Think of some original methods that would be fun for a kindergartner to participate in. Involving the entire class is always an effective method and encourages participation. You can also create competitions in which you reward the student or team of students who excel the most at identifying and creating compound words.

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