Woodworking Projects for Lamp Posts


Designing simple lamp posts out of wood is a great addition to any outdoor decor or holiday decor. Wooden lamp posts in the Dickens style add interest when placed near walkways, paths or at the front door. Wooden lamp posts provide all the light of a gas or electric lamp post without complicated installation or high cost.

Seasonal Lamp Post

  • Make a seasonal lamp post out of wood, PVC pipe, a quart jar and a candle kit from your local home supply store. Use the PVC pipe for the post and run the cord for the lamp down through the post. Build a simple box out of wood for the base and the top of the lamp and insert the PVC pipe into both sections. Use wood trim pieces to decorate the base and the lamp. Invert the quart jar on the top of the post to cover the lamp light. Place the post at an easy distance from an outdoor power source and plug in. For an added decorative touch, cut the second piece of PVC pipe to a short length and insert in a drilled hole in the side of the pole for a place to hold a banner.

Front Porch Lamp Post

  • A front porch lamp post is a great addition to both seasonal décor and year-round outdoor designs. Use one 4-by-4 inch railroad tie, cut to a length of about five feet. Trim the bottoms of the tie with 3 inch wide base board trim all the way around. Add feet to the bottom of the tie by attaching a 2-by-4 inch piece of wood cut to a length of 9 inches and rounded at the top to each side of the base. Attach a flickering electric candle kit to the top of the railroad tie and staple the cord all the way down the back using a staple gun. Top the lamp post by attaching four pieces of wood vertically at the corners of the railroad tie to make a simple box around the lamp. Add a square piece of wood to the top of the box, finishing it with a finial at the top. Paint the entire post white or black.

Patio Lamp Posts

  • Patio lamp posts are used to light the area around your patio. These posts can be set in post holes in the ground or attached to decking. For each post you will need a 4-by-4 inch railroad tie. These can be painted, stained or sealed to match your deck or porch. Cut each railroad tie to the desired length. For posts going in the ground, use at least an 8 foot tie, and for posts attached to decking, use a 4 foot tie. Attach a light kit that has a round white globe to the top of each pole. Run the cord for the light kit down the back of the pole and staple using a staple gun, or you can router a groove in the pole and tuck the cord into that. Attach trim pieces to each pole for added decoration. Use an outdoor extension cord or power strip to plug in each pole light. Plug into the nearest outdoor electrical outlet.

Hanging Light Post

  • A hanging light post makes an interesting twist to a standard lamp post. Using the same 4-by-4 inch railroad tie, attach a bracket to one side. You can either make a bracket yourself out of three pieces of wood cut to the same length and attached like a triangle, or you can buy a decorative metal or wood shelf bracket. Use a light kit that has a hanging globe and attach to the underside of the bracket at the top of the 4-by-4. Paint the pole and bracket or stain to the desired color to match your garden décor.

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