Positive Impacts of Technology on Nursing Education


Nurses are support staff for doctors, and usually end up doing just about every task you can imagine for patients. Nursing education must encompass all of the various tasks that nurses are asked to do. There are many aspects of nursing programs that can be enhanced by taking advantage of current technology, leading to better educated nurses.

More Knowledge Is Available

  • With the Internet, there is more information for nursing students to find today than ever before. Although sites on the Internet must be carefully screened for accurate information, there are many sites that provide how-to examples for nurses, lists of disease symptoms, treatment and triage steps and other pieces of information. Nursing students can use the available information to supplement what they are learning in class, and to practice and study for exams and tests.

Greater Communication

  • One element of being a nurse is being able to communicate with others both in your profession and outside of it. With the Internet and other types of technology like cell phones, web cams and chat programs, nursing students can talk to and learn from teachers and other students all over the world. This opens doors for students to make friends in the industry and learn from each other as well. They can also communicate with nurses who have been working in the field and learn more about what they'll be doing for a career.

More Educational Opportunities

  • In the past, students who lived in a location where a nursing program wasn't offered often had to relocate to get their education. However, with the Internet and technology like online classes and universities, students can get a nursing education from just about anywhere. They can also attend webinars, which are online seminars, to supplement their education. Students can watch online videos and even stream videos of other classes or demonstrations to gather more knowledge and have a greater understanding of what they are supposed to be doing.

Experiences and Examples

  • Without technology, a student is limited to what their teachers can tell them and show them using props or printed diagrams. With technology, however, students can view up to date videos and demonstrations, use mannequins that mimic a real body, and use the Internet to see real life examples of the things they are learning. Experiences such as virtual field trips, virtual surgeries, or even games that mimic a day in the life of a nurse help students to gain even more knowledge before they are finished with school.

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