Talent Show Skits for Teachers


Talent shows give students and teachers an opportunity to exhibit creative skills. Teachers choosing a skit to perform for their school's talent show can focus less on showcasing talent (since the students will bring plenty) and more on performing something that helps educate or inspire their students. Theater can be used to enrich classroom topics and enhance student vocabulary, so choosing the right skit will both entertain and educate students while they watch.

Historical Skit

  • Write a funny skit that takes place in a historical period currently being studied by the class. Teachers can use the skits to impart information in an entertaining way, and the preparation of the skit itself can involve students, who might help research or prepare period-appropriate costumes, write historically accurate dialogue and even check the facts of the skit. At the talent show itself, teachers can hand out information materials about the time period to encourage attendees to study on their own.

Lip Sync

  • Teachers can lip sync to popular, school-appropriate songs that the students enjoy. They should not be afraid to make a fool out of themselves during a lip sync, since the humor is derived from students seeing their usually serious teachers sporting ridiculous Lady Gaga costumes, for example. Ambitious instructors can get a karaoke track of the original song and rewrite the lyrics to incorporate educational material, then sing the new song at the show. If a karaoke track cannot be found, the school's jazz band may be able to play the song instead.


  • Improvisation is a great way to involve the talent show's audience, who might get tired of seeing the same singing or dancing acts again and again. One popular improvisational game is "The Party." To perform this, collect character ideas from the audience while a teacher playing the "host" is out of the room. Bring the host back in and have the other teachers play the suggested characters as if they are guests at a party. The host then has to guess who the other teachers are playing. This is especially fun if one of the characters is a known personality, such as the school principal or a popular teacher.

The Sing-Along Round

  • Another audience participation-based skit idea for teachers is a sing-along. Teachers choose a simple song that is sung in the round (such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat") and modify the lyrics to include jokes about the school or educational topics. They then teach each part of the song to a different section of the audience, who then sings the song together, creating an impromptu chorus. You do not even need a good voice for this skit, since the more chaotic the song sounds, the funnier it will be.


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