Research Topic Ideas for World Politics


Finding a topic for a research paper on world politics can be difficult due to the amount of information available and the wide range of the field. It is best to weigh all options and pick the topic with which you are most comfortable. Once decided, you must find all pertinent information and write a well rounded essay that stays within the confines of your chosen topic.

Principles of International Relations

  • The principles and guiding theories behind international relations are always a relevant topic for a paper about world politics. Writing about this topic will give you the chance to weave the philosophies that drive international relations with current events that would seem to prove or disprove them. You can include a study of realism and the principles behind it and tie it to an event that shows its application in real-life situations. You could then talk about the benefits or disadvantages of the theory and where it came from, and why it is still important today.

World Leaders

  • Writing about world leaders is a perfect topic for an essay about world politics. In this essay you can focus on one or several world leaders and break down their style of leadership and the way in which their people react to it. This paper can also include an outline of the type of government of which the leader in question is the head and how this may affect his leadership qualities. You can also compare these leaders to the leaders history considers great and offer your own opinion about how they stack up to one another.

Current Crisis Situation

  • World politics is constantly evolving and a research paper about a current crisis situation will show your ability to keep up with this fast paced world. By researching and analyzing a current situation, you will be able to show your teachers your ability to tie the fundamentals of politics and the theories behind it in with a real-life situation. Be sure to keep the research part of the essay as unbiased as possible and only include an opinion about the situation if you are prompted.

International Organizations

  • International organizations such as the World Bank or United Nations are a major aspect of world politics and therefore a great essay topic. You can outline the history, structure and mission of these organizations and the events the spurred their creation. Many of these organizations are designed with political principles in mind and you can break down which theories have influenced or led to the creation of which organizations. Remember to keep your information unbiased unless prompted otherwise, as research papers should not have personal political slant.

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