Pros of Having a University Degree


College degrees are becoming more and more important at a time when layoffs and pay cuts have become the norm. The job market has become much more competitive, making it challenging and frustrating to find a job. Having a college degree will make it easier for you to get the job you want, earn more money and stay employed over time. Although college tuition can be expensive, a college degree has many benefits and can be well worth the investment in the long run.

More Knowledge

  • Obviously, education will provide you with knowledge about the subject you have chosen to study. But it will also provide you with a broad base of knowledge on various subjects, because you will be required to take at least a handful of general education classes to earn your degree. Being familiar with a wide range of subjects can help you be more well rounded as an individual and as an employee. College programs can also teach you concepts or skills you might have the chance to use on the job. The college experience itself will provide you with a chance to explore your own ideas and beliefs, which will allow you to grow as both a person and as a future employee.

More Opportunities

  • Having a college degree will give you better job options, and a lot more of them. A degree can open doors you would not otherwise have access to. A number of careers require college degrees; without one, you will not even have the chance to apply. This is especially true for most higher paying careers, such as those in the fields of medicine, engineering, law and finance. Attending college can also provide you the chance to network. Knowing teachers and other faculty who are knowledgeable about your chosen field can potentially help you find jobs later on, or can be helpful as job references.

Shows Commitment

  • Going to college requires a lot of time, effort, focus and money. Having a college degree proves to employers that you can not only commit to something, but also finish the task at hand. Your ability to obtain a college degree also shows a level of time management, organization skills and responsibility. Employers often seek candidates who are clearly invested in their careers, willing to work hard and are eager to do what it takes to help the company succeed and also grow with it over time. A college degree can help show that you are what they are looking for.

Higher Salaries

  • It is no secret that college graduates can and do make more money than those without degrees. In most cases, your salary is a direct reflection of your credentials. Employers are often more willing to give a higher salary to someone who walks in the door presenting the education and skills they are looking for. According to a May 2009 article "How Much Is That Bachelor's Degree Really Worth?" published by American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the average salary of a person holding a bachelor's degree can be as much as 80% more than that of a high school graduate. Over the course of a lifetime, a bachelor's degree can amount to more than $1 million, a master's can yield $2.5 million and a doctorate can earn you more than $3.5 million. Additionally, employers are more inclined to invest money in you once you have the job. This can make promotions and advanced education opportunities easier and more likely to occur, which means more money and more job security.

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