The Best Weather Conditions to Hunt Coyotes


During the past 50 years, coyotes have spread eastward until they now inhabit every state and range from Alaska to Panama. Predator hunters can disagree on favorite weather for hunting coyotes, but most hunters agree that cool, dry days with little wind lead to the best hunts. High wind and heavy rain are noted as unlikely weather for successful hunts. Coyotes do not forage in winds greater than 20 miles per hour because they cannot effectively smell their prey, and heavy rain will drive coyotes to den up. "Outdoor Life" cites wind as the most important weather component in successful coyote hunts.


  • Coyotes depend on their keen sense of smell to hunt, so coyotes are most often spotted in times of low wind or only a light breeze, less than five mph. Increasing or high winds will interfere with reliable olfactory information. Because coyotes are smart, adaptable and effective hunters, hunting packs or mates will lie low during times of high wind.


  • Coyote prey, such as squirrels, mice and rabbits forage in most weather, including light rain or snow, but lie low during heavy precipitation. Coyotes hunt when their prey are foraging, but cease hunting when prey ceases foraging. Successful hunts for coyote occur when both coyote prey and coyotes are active. Decreasing humidity also leads to more coyote movement.

Barometric Pressure

  • Coyotes tend to increase movement after warm or cold fronts have passed and barometric pressure rises. Steady barometric pressure on days of little wind is also beneficial for hunting these predators.


  • Coyote hunts are best performed on cool, dry days with little wind. Very cold days and hot, humid days will cause coyotes to hole up or lie about in the shade. Since human beings react much the same way to extreme heat and cold, coyote hunts are generally best postponed until better weather.

Cloud Cover

Moon Phase


  • Photo Credit coyote image by Sue McMurtrie from a wild rabbit image by Tom Oliveira from barometer image by Peter Baxter from thermometer image by Dusan Radivojevic from overcast day image by wildman from full moon image by Tammy Mobley from
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