Duramax Fuel Pump Specifications


General Motors (GM) produces Duramax diesel engines for use in its Chevrolet and GMC lines of trucks and vans. These engines' specifications, along with the fuel pump with which GM pairs them, set them apart from many of the diesel engines on the market in the 21st century.

No Electric Lift Pump

  • Many diesel engines employ an electronic lift pump that helps add pressure to the diesel fuel as it leaves the tank. Because diesel fuel is slightly thicker than gasoline and can slow down at cooler temperatures, prior diesel designs often employed an electric lift pump, meaning the engine had in effect two fuel pumps -- one to get the fuel out of the tank and another to pressurize the fuel before it went into the engine. This is not the case with the Duramax design, making it a much simpler engine and less prone to expensive repairs relating to the fuel system.

Common Rail Injection

  • The Duramax fuel pump is designed for common rail injection, similar to a car, where one fuel rail feeds a number of injectors from a single source. Other types of diesel engines used an injector head, wherein each of the injectors was fed from a separate source. Because of the common rail design allowed by the high-pressure Duramax fuel pump, the unburned diesel can return to the fuel tank and the engine can have a much simpler design.

High Max Injection Pressure

  • The Duramax diesel fuel pump can produce a maximum injection pressure of 23,000 lbs. per square inch (psi) of fuel pressure. As a result, it offers extremely positive and forceful fuel delivery, unlike engines that use a weaker fuel pump without a common rail system.

Direct Injection

  • The Duramax diesel fuel pump is powerful enough to allow direct injection. Instead of directing fuel through a manifold, it injects the fuel directly into each cylinder individually, saving time and fuel.

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