Problems Encountered When Implementing Organizational Change


Sometimes throughout the course of business operations, it's necessary to change the culture of an organization. Organizational change can facilitate positive results in the long run. In the short term, you may encounter several issues with implementation. Being aware of some of the problems that could arise can help considerably.

Employee Resistance

  • When attempting to change a business culture, managers frequently must deal with employee resistance. Most employees are comfortable with the way they operate and do not want to change. You may have to continually reinforce the new behaviors you seek to keep employees from reverting to the old ways of doing business.

Training Requirements

  • Another potential problem with implementing organizational change is the training requirements that come with it. When you want to change the behavior of an entire company, you have to invest in considerable amounts of training for everyone. This can be expensive and can significantly reduce productivity. Look at it as moving backward slightly so that you can leap forward.

Choosing Wrong Change

  • When a business is struggling, it may be obvious that changes are needed. Choosing the proper route can be a difficult process. If upper management chooses the wrong way to go about change, it can hurt the company significantly. The managers may not be able to tell if the new system is a bad fit or if the employees are just going through a transitional phase. Once you determine that the new system is not working, you could be months behind.

Inadequate Plan

  • Organizational change requires a comprehensive plan. Many companies make the mistake of implementing change without seeing it all the way through. You need to develop a step-by-step plan for the organizational change and then enforce it.


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