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You may be looking for parenting tips or searching for the newest infant toys to stimulate development. Either way, choosing the right parenting magazine may seem difficult at first. Different magazines offer different types of parenting tips. Some cater to different stages of childhood development ranging from birth to toddlers; others are intended for parents of older children.

  1. American Baby Magazine

    • American Baby Magazine offers 12 issues per year. Contents include information for expectant and new parents. American Baby addresses medical and health aspects of pregnancy, infancy and child care. Discussions also include information on new commercial products.

    Parents Magazine

    • Parents Magazine offers 24 issues per year and offers advice from some of the most experienced child care experts. Parents offers information on the latest child care products, toys and styles. For more information on products and information, it also offers a website at

    Parenting Magazine

    • Parenting Magazine offers 22 issues per year. The magazine provides age specific child development advice on helping to raise smart, loving, and confident children. It also offers health and safety advice.

    Parent and Child Magazine

    • Parent and Child Magazine offers eight issues per year. Published through Scholastic Books, Parent and Child provide advice on child development from birth to 12 years of age. The magazine focuses on giving the most relevant information for working mothers.

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