Instructional Strategies for Teaching Math


Math is a subject with which many students tend to have difficulty. Because of this, it's important to use creativity and innovative strategies when teaching the subject. Students learn differently, but they wall need to be engaged and be able to understand the subject material. With some creative ideas, teaching math becomes fun for both teacher and students.


  • Keeping a math journal is a way for students to have a personal connection to the math that they are learning. Tie the subject into their everyday lives to help them grasp concepts. For example, if the subject is fractions, have the students write about their shopping experience, using fractions to describe the amount of money they have or spent.

Math Props

  • Using objects to teach math is a hands-on approach that shows the students what they are learning. This approach works best with basic math such as addition and subtraction. Giving students blocks, pennies, crayons or bingo chips works well. Have them physically play out the equation.

Fast Math

  • Adding competition to the learning process motivates many to do better and grasp the material more quickly. A "mad minute" is motivating because students want to beat one another as well as their own previous scores. Another idea is bingo. Saying the mathematical problem out loud and having the students solve it in their heads, then find the corresponding bingo square, encourages quick thinking.

Word Problems

  • Word problems are a tried and true technique for teaching math. Having the situation written out and incorporating a math problem into it creates a personal connection with the student and the equation, especially when the problem is something to which they can relate. For young children, a word problem may be based around sharing recess snacks as opposed to shopping in the mall.


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