The Average Salary of a Kitchen Manager


Kitchen managers, or more generally food service managers, are responsible for preparing and serving food at a place of business like a restaurant, institutional cooking facility and so forth. The responsibilities of kitchen managers vary based on the size and nature of the business, but kitchen managers are almost always directly in charge of the food preparation and service aspects of the business.

Education/Training of a Kitchen Manager

  • Traditionally kitchen managers work their way up through the ranks in the restaurant business to end up in a management position, but today many managers enter the field with two-year or four-year college degrees in hospitality of food-service management. Larger corporations and franchises typically hire food service managers with at least some college education.

Average Salary of a Kitchen Manager

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008 the median annual salary of food service managers was $46,320. The middle 50 percent had an annual salary ranging from $36,670 to $59,580. Kitchen managers in the hotel industry had the highest pay, with a median annual salary of $54,710.

Work of a Kitchen Manager

  • While some kitchen managers are just responsible for the food preparation and service end of the business, in many smaller restaurants and other businesses the kitchen manager will have a wide range of responsibilities including menu planning, ordering food, organizing special events, and hiring, managing and firing employees, and possibly even some accounting or bookkeeping responsibilities.

Employment Prospects

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of food service managers will only increase by 5 percent between 2008 and 2018 due to anticipated slow growth in the restaurant business (which experienced rapid growth from 2000 to 2008).

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