What is the Definition of Job Performance?


Job performance is the way employees perform their work. An employee's performance is determined during job performance reviews, with an employer taking into account factors such as leadership skills, time management, organizational skills and productivity to analyze each employee on an individual basis. Job performance reviews are often done yearly and can determine raise eligibility, whether an employee is right for promotion or even if an employee should be fired.

Setting Job Goals and Objectives

  • Setting goals and objectives is one way to ensure your job performance is acceptable. Daily goals leading to overall objectives can improve your job performance review when it comes. Create a job-specific objective and strive to obtain that objective following company policy and procedures. Keep your objectives in mind and make use of daily and weekly goals to help you reach them. This can help you be productive and perform up to your employer's standards.

Preparing for a Job Performance Review

  • Preparing for a review of your job performance can help you get a positive review. Make a list of all the things you've accomplished throughout the review period, and outline your goals and objectives for the next review period. If you have any suggestions for ways to improve how you perform your job, list these as well and discuss them with your employer.

Attending a Job Performance Review

  • Listen to what the reviewer has to say about your job performance. Ask questions when you are unclear about your employer's assessment of your performance. The job performance review is a learning experience. If you aren't performing your job professionally and efficiently, this is the time to ask for clarification.

Improving Job Performance

  • Make notes during your review, highlighting points of improvement that your employer indicates. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and use those as the basis to adjust the way you perform your job. If your performance review indicates you aren't completing your job duties in a timely fashion, create a personal schedule to help you stay on task.


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