The Average Salary of an Art Restorer

Art restorers must often repair damage or reverse environmental effects on art masterpieces worth millions. Most are employed by museums or federal and state governments, but some work for private collectors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary of museum technicians and conservators, which include restorers, was $44,330 in 2013.

  1. Federal Employees in Washington Earn Most

    • According to the BLS, museum technicians and conservators working for the federal government earned the most, at a mean annual wage of $53,930 in 2013. Those working in museums earned an average of $41,950 per year. There was a wide disparity in salary based on location, with those in Washington, D.C., earning $63,270, and those in Wyoming earning $33,010, in the same period.

    Six Figure Salaries

    • The jobs website Indeed separates art restorers from other museum employees. As of 2014, according to Indeed, the national average salary for an art restorer was $102,000. Those working in Washington, D.C., averaged $129,000 per year; in New York City, $140,000; and in Omaha, Nebraska, $80,000, according to Indeed.

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