Heartworm Treatments for Dogs Without a Vet

Natural treatments for your dog's heartworm promote a healthier immune system.
Natural treatments for your dog's heartworm promote a healthier immune system. (Image: dog image by Michal Tudek from Fotolia.com)

Heartworms can kill your dog. They come from mosquito bites and start as larvae, quickly moving into the heart and lungs, and growing several inches in length. Symptoms from heartworm include coughing, weight loss, lack of energy and difficulty breathing. Conventional chemical treatments from veterinarians for heartworm effectively kill the worms, but also can cause damage to the dog's immune system, especially the liver. Natural prevention and treatment methods for heartworm reduce the side effects to the dog's immune system.

Healthy Diet

Many holistic vets think commercial dog foods undermine a dog's health. Rather, they encourage a diet rich in raw food and fresh water. Feed your dog raw meat, raw bones and chopped up raw vegetables. Empty water dishes regularly, especially in the summer. Standing water breeds mosquitoes.

Healthy Immune System

A healthy immune system in a dog can fight off and kill larvae of heartworms that enter the blood stream. Frequent vaccinations, commercial pet foods, synthetic medications and stress may undermine a dog's immune system. Give your dog natural vitamins to promote his immune system, especially vitamins for the liver. A healthy liver removes waste and toxins from the dog's system.

Healthy Heart and Circulation System

A healthy heart and circulation system in your dog carries adequate red blood cells to supply oxygen throughout her body, promoting vitality and health. Rich white blood cells fight infection. Exercise your dog regularly to help maintain a healthy heart and circulation system. Giving your dog natural herb treatments may improve circulation as well.

Healthy Digestive System

Give your dog regular doses of natural medication to promote a healthy digestive system, along with a healthy diet mentioned above. One natural medication, Parasite Dr., contains several natural ingredients to prevent and treat parasites such as heartworms. The wormwood herb helps cleanse the digestive tract. Clove herbs and neem wood repel parasites and mosquitoes.

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