How Much Does a RN Make With a B.S.N?


A registered nurse (RN) administers medications, performs patient tests and assists a physician during procedures and examinations. There are over 2.6 million RN positions in the United States with about 60 percent of them in hospitals. As health care professionals in a field that is in demand and often has difficulty filling positions, salary prospects for RNs are good, especially for registered nurses with a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN).

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • There are three typical education paths to become a registered nurse --- a bachelor's degree, an associate's degree (ASN) and a diploma. Advancement opportunities and thus salary opportunities are the best for registered nurses with a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN). Many RNs without a BSN end up returning to school to get their bachelor's degree. Many employers provide tuition reimbursement programs to encourage this practice.

Salary of BSN Nurses Based on Experience

  • According to BSN nurses with less than one year of experience averaged $50,081 per year while those with one to four years of experience earned $54,519. With five to nine years of experience a BSN can expect an average salary of $59,931 and with 10 to 19 years of experience a BSN would earn an average of $62,820. Once a BSN has more than 20 years of experience she can expect to earn an average of $67,394.

Salaries Based on Location

  • Salaries vary based on demand and location as well. The average salary in New York was considerably higher than the other major cities surveyed with an average of $65,062 per year, according to At the other end of the scale was Seattle with an average salary for a BSN of $53,102. In between were Chicago and Atlanta in the $54,000 range and Dallas and Baltimore in the $56,000 range, while BSN salaries in Houston averaged $59,499.

BSN Salaries Based on Specialty

  • The more specialized a nurse is, or the higher the degree of responsibility, the higher the salary. In the nursing world, a school nurse with a BSN, earned the lowest average salary at $37,867. A BSN registered nurse averaged $52,750, a nurse case manager earned $58,893 and a clinical nurse manager earned $66,252. At the high end of the scale, nurse practitioners and nursing directors earned $71,364 and $71,619 respectively. For comparison purposes, according to a January 2011 survey by, the median salary of all registered nurses (including BSN) regardless of degree or specialty was $65,379.

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