Tractor Art Activity for Preschool


Preschoolers are fascinated by the idea of life on the farm, and the tractor is a key recognizable feature of the farm. Artistic projects about tractors make a preschool farm project visually exciting for the preschoolers. Those from the rural areas will likely have had real-world experience with tractors. For urban preschoolers, you can read children's books, such as "Grandpa's Tractor" by Michael Garland, before starting the unit.

Make Tractor Shapes

  • For an educational art project, use basic shapes to create tractors. Shape activities improve observational and comparison skills. Learning the shape of a tractor recognition is also important because it helps preschoolers build early literacy skills, according to Scholastic. Cut out shapes from construction paper for this collage-style project. Preschoolers can glue the shapes to papers to create a tractor. Display the pictures of tractors as a guide, or make a sample tractor shape to help the preschoolers figure out how to combine the shapes. If you want to reinforce letters, use a giant letter "T" cut from construction paper. Turned on its side, the T forms the body and cab of the tractor. Add circles for wheels and any other details the preschoolers wish to add.

Make a Tractor Sculpture

  • Add some basic engineering with an activity that focuses on building. Preschoolers should use objects, such as empty food boxes, lids, toilet paper tubes and buttons, to build a tractor. The preschoolers might use a rectangular box for the body, a toilet paper tube for the cab and bottle caps for the tires. For safety, use only plastic bottle caps from plastic bottles, not metal bottle caps from glass bottles. The preschoolers can also paint the parts to make them look more like a tractor. Help them glue the parts together to create the tractor.

Make Personalized Tractor Pictures

  • This project uses each child's footprint and a photo of the preschooler for a personalized picture. Start by painting the child's bare foot with tempura paint. Make sure you've asked the parents to sign a permission slip for this activity and that they've returned the signed permission slips, granting permission. Press the foot horizontally onto a piece of paper. This footprint forms the body of the tractor. Have the preschoolers paint a square at one end of the footprint, which forms the cab. Cut out a small picture of each child's face and glue it inside the square so that looks like the child is driving the tractor. To create these pictures, take digital photos of the entire class or of each child individually, then print and cut out these photos. Or, ask the preschoolers to bring a suitable photo from home that you can cut out. Make sure you have appropriate permission slips signed from the parents. The preschoolers can add other details, such as a farm background.

Make a Kid-Sized Tractor

  • Grab large boxes to create a tractor large enough for preschoolers to sit in. The box tractor works well for dramatic play, which promotes social skills, communication, language development and physical skills, according to Early Childhood News. You'll need a long box for the body -- a refrigerator box works well -- and a second box to make the cab. Cut squares out of the four sides of the cab to make windows. You'll also need to cut out the bottom so it opens up to the body of the tractor. This allows preschoolers to sit inside the cab. Cut a matching hole in the top of the base box where you want the cab to go. Staple, glue or tap the cab to the base. Now the preschoolers can paint and decorate the boxes to look like a tractor. Cut circles from cardboard to glue to the sides as tires to complete the look.

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