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Plant managers are responsible for running shifts at manufacturing facilities and ensuring that operations run smoothly. Plant managers also monitor the environment and safety of their workers, making sure all employees take precautions when using equipment. Plant managers will usually conduct annual performance reviews with employees, recommending ways for workers to improve their performance. Most plant managers earn a combination of salaries, bonuses and profit sharing.

Average Salary

The average annual salary of a plant manager is $61,767 to $100,978, according to 2011 data from the PayScale website. Including bonuses and profit sharing, plant managers earn average incomes of $69,025 to $127,366 per year. Comparably, the State University website indicates that the average salary for plant managers is $81,000. Moreover, lists 140 plant manager salaries from 116 companies, most of which pay between $48,000 and $113,000 per year in salary. Additionally, most of the salary ranges for 257 plant manager jobs listed at fall between $45,000 and $120,000, excluding the very highest and lowest salaries.

Years of Experience

Plant managers can expect significant raises as they gain experience in their field. Following are the salary ranges for plant managers based on years of experience, per PayScale: less than one year -- $43,563 to $69,077; one to four years -- $47,157 to $81,025; five to nine years -- $57,789 to $88,514; 10 to 19 years -- $65,113 to $103,093; 20 years or more -- $69,436 to $110,437.

Salary by Industry

A plant manager's salary also can vary considerably depending on the industry in which he is employed. For example, plant managers in the automotive supplier industry earn the highest annual salaries at $78,186 to $122,593, per PayScale. Plant managers working for electronics manufacturers are a close second at $79,408 to $120,043 per year. Additionally, plant managers at food manufacturing plants earn annual salaries of $68,051 to $109,567. Plant managers working with plastic packing products can expect to earn annual salaries of $76,758 to $105,882. Plant managers working in general manufacturing and distribution earn salaries between $57,410 and $94,415 per year.

Salary by State

Plant managers also can expect to earn more in certain states. For example, plant managers in California earn the highest salaries at $75,129 to $108,232 per year, according to PayScale. Plant managers in Pennsylvania can expect to earn annual salaries of between $64,542 and $102,947. In North Carolina, plant managers make average salaries of $58,172 to $101,393 per year. Illinois plant managers earn annual salaries of $65,204 to $101,318. Additionally, plant managers in Texas and Ohio earn annual salaries of $62,483 to $101,050 and $58,813 to $91,726, respectively.

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