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Roller Bowler is a type of carnival game that can be found at theme parks, amusement parks and state fairs. The aim of the game is to roll a bowling ball forward, with just the right amount of force, to get it over the hill and between the valley so that the ball doesn’t roll back over the hill. This is an incredibly challenging game and requires a great deal of precision to win the game.


  • The Roller Bowler game comes with standard parts that are similar across Roller Bowler model types. There is a heavy bowling ball that gets pushed. There is a track on which the bowling ball runs. The track starts flat, has a small hill, a small valley and then a larger hill. The track is mounted to a board so that it remains stable.

Premium Models

  • Premium models of the roller bowler game have other parts that add to the Roller Bowler experience. The first part is a backstop that is placed at the bottom of the hill, closest to the bowler. This backstop rises up from being flush with the track after the ball rolls over it. A failed attempt has the ball come into contact with this backstop which then relays a signal to a red warning light and sound system that plays a siren noise. These models also come with an outlet cord to power the sound and light effects.


  • Roller Bowler sets may come in a variety of colors. Tracks may be colored red or blue but may also be left unpainted with a shiny metal. The balls come in all sorts of colors, while the board is typically decorated to match the decor of the amusement park or fair.


  • Many specialty games companies offer Roller Bowler to be rented for parties and events. This game is suitable for children ages 6 and up and can be enjoyed by adults as well. The probability of winning the game is small; therefore, using this game, in conjunction with prizes, can be a fun way to raise revenue at fundraising events.


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