Skills Needed for a Project Coordinator


Project coordinators lead a team in an organization to take a project through the planning, design and implementation process. The coordinator is responsible for directing the activities of team members, assigning tasks, scheduling meetings and preparing progress reports for management. Project coordinators may work in any industry such as software development, construction or manufacturing. To be successful at his job, a project coordinator should possess certain skills.

Education and Knowledge

  • Project coordinators may benefit with an education in business management to work in the position. Knowledge of the industry such as software, manufacturing or construction provides the coordinator with an understanding of the tasks involved in a project. Project management techniques such as total quality management helps the coordinator plan and structure the steps in completing a project.


  • Coordinators lead the group and provide a schedule for a project team to work against to complete and implement a project. The project coordinator may assign tasks to each group member and schedule meetings to update the group on progress. A coordinator must have the ability to run a project meeting and motivate team members. Leaders must also monitor the progress of the project and ensure members adhere to time lines.


  • A project coordinator must a be skilled communicator to direct the group in completing tasks. The individual must have written communication skills to create reports for management or sponsors of a project. The coordinator also uses written communication skills to provide the team with meeting agendas and progress reports. Leading a group also requires verbal communication skills and the ability to engage and motivate the team.


  • Project coordination also requires organizational skills to plan, design and implement each stage of the process. Coordinators must keep track of the project's progress and ensure that the group completes each task on time and within a budget. The individual needs organizational skills to provide the project team with materials and support to perform the steps in completing the project.


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