The Advantages of Being Married at an Older Age


Getting married later in life could lead to a happy, long-lasting marriage. In 1960, the median age for marrying was 20.3 for women and 22.8 for men, the U.S. Census Bureau reports. This number has been rising for decades with good reason. Factors such as education and maturity levels, financial security and more time alone for each partner are among the advantages of being married at an older age.

Financial Security

  • Theoretically, couples who get married later already have maintained a steady job and had time to build up their salaries. Many new couples struggle with money because one or both partners are trying to find or maintain a new job on a starting salary. Money especially can create a strain on a new relationship. Couples who get married later in life typically have made decisions to secure financial stability before getting married. This means they have more money with which to enjoy a comfortable marriage together.


  • A National Institutes of Health study has suggested that the brain has not fully developed before the age of 25. This means that major life decisions early on could indicate risky behavior. Couples who wed young may be jumping into marriage too soon, before they have explored all their options whether it be personal life goals or other partners. Immature relationships can lead to unhappy marriages or divorce. Presumably, if you wait to get married older, you have more life experience and know what you want in a marriage partner.


  • Couples who marry young may get married right out of college or before they even graduate. Without waiting to get married, many young couples make sacrifices for the sake of their marriage that older couples do not have to make. Couples who get married older have had the time to gain full degrees if they desire and explore their options for continuing education. Specialized degrees are able to be attained more easily before settling down in marriage.

Free Time

  • Many men and women who get married too young may think that they made sacrifices for marriage, whether it be in their education, job opportunities or personal ventures. If you get married older, it is more likely that both partners have had their time to do what they wanted in life, whether it be going to law school or taking that three-month backpacking trip through Europe. Couples will be happier knowing that they did not make any sacrifices in life by enjoying their time alone and establishing personal goals, then settling down later in life.


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