Scary Pranks to Play on Friends


You love your friends, but sometimes it's so much fun to watch them scream and freak out after a scary prank, especially around Halloween. Pulling off good scary pranks while keeping your friendships in tact involves three steps: giving your victim a false sense of normalcy; scaring your friend; and finally assuring your friend that it was all in good fun. Depending on your prank, the third step may be the hardest.

Peas Under the Bed

  • The peas under the bed pranks scares your victim when she's at her most relaxed and vulnerable --- just before she goes to sleep. You'll need dried peas, boiling water, a cup, plate and tin foil. Wrap the plate in tin foil. Pour both the dried peas and hot water into the cup and set the cup on the plate. When your friend is in the bathroom getting ready for bed, place the peas under her bed. Just as she's drifting off to sleep, the peas will have expanded and overflowed onto the foil, creating creepy tapping noises that will jolt her from her slumber and make her think someone is in the room with her.


  • The intruder prank works best if your victim is home alone at night and if you have two or three partners in crime. All participates involved in pulling off the prank should dress in black. As your friend sits in an empty house watching TV or making himself a snack, discreetly start tapping on the window while remaining out of sight. When he goes to the window, hide and have one of your partners knock on the door or ring the doorbell and then run. Continue to knock and tap on windows and doors around the house. Another partners can use a payphone to call your friend and breathe heavily into the phone. Watch your victim freak out. But make sure to let him in on the prank before he gets so panicked he calls the police.

In the Shadows

  • Pull this prank on a friend who often walks home alone from school or a job after dark. Don dark clothes and a scary mask. Quietly trail your victim from behind so she gets that creepy sensation that she's being watch or followed. But stay to the shadows so she doesn't see you. When you can tell she's starting to get nervous --- increasing her pace or glancing over her shoulder --- catch up to her, but only let her catch a glimpse of you out of the corner of her eye. When she turns around and sees you in your mask, she will scream. The longer you keep her in suspense, the more frighten she'll become.

Lick and Scare

  • The lick and scare prank involves a sleeping victim, scary mask and warm, wet hand wipe. After your friend goes to sleep, sneak into his room wearing the scary mask. Stroke your friend's hand with the hand wipe. To him this will feel like an animal licking him. When the hand tries to pat you or brush you away, grab it and hold on tight. This unexpected response will startle your friend out of sleep. When he opens his eyes, he'll see the mask staring back at him and freak out.


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