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Karaoke is often played at parties or when going out for drinks. Depending on how much you like to sing and how shy you are, you may not want to sing a whole song by yourself. However, karaoke games can help people to feel more comfortable when participating as part of a team. If you have enough people, you might want to spice things up by introducing some karaoke games to the party.

Complete Song Lyrics Game

  • One person reads out the first few lines of a song. The first person who guesses the right song gets to sing it on karaoke.

Pick Up Song Game

  • Begin playing the song with the lyrics visible for the singer. Fade out the words and let the singer continue singing. Bring back the lyrics and see if the singer is still in sync with the song.

Singing Relay Game

  • Divide the group into two teams. Each member of one team has to sing the song together, each person singing one line of the song at a time. Every member has to complete his line of the song successfully for the team to get a point. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Karaoke Drinking Game

  • Choose a song with a duet between a man and a woman. Divide the group into one male group and one female group. Every time the men sing, the women have to drink, and every time the women sing, the men have to drink. Of course, if the group members are under the legal drinking age, you'll need to substitute soda or water.


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