Geography Activities for Kindergarten


Geography is all about studying the Earth, the surface, the climates and the people. Geography helps kindergarten students learn where they live in relation to the rest of the world. Geography for kindergarten students is about learning the names of the different continents or is as simple as learning their addresses. Geography activities help kindergarten students learn about their world.

Spin a Globe

  • Spin a globe in your kindergarten class to engender the attention of the students. Ask them what they think the globe is and give them a chance to express their opinion on just what that globe is. Explain the globe represents the Earth on which they live. Show them the different colors on the map. Let students find the different bodies of water. Show how there are large and small bodies of water and some are rivers, lakes and oceans. Ask students about times they've been to lakes, rivers and the ocean. Once kindergarten students understand the difference between land and water, have them guess on what part of the globe they live. Show them the American continent and the United States. Let each student spin the globe as you ask them to find a particular ocean or country. (Make sure to ask for easy-to-find places.) Guide any student having difficulties.

Continents with Rhythm

  • On the board, list the seven continents--Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Have the students repeat the names of the seven continents several times with rhythm as you point to each continent. Encourage the kindergarten students to clap or tap their pencils to the beat. On a large map, point out where each continent is on the map. Hand out outline maps highlighting the seven continents. On the sides of the map worksheet, list the continents. Ask students to draw a line from the name of the continent to its place on the map. Give kindergarten students time to color the maps with their crayons.

My Country, My Flag

  • Hand out maps of the United States of America. Include on the map flags from several different countries. Ask students to guess what this map represents. Explain this is a map of their country and where they live. Show them where on the map they live and have them mark it. Explain each country has a special flag and ask students about the flag of their country. Talk about the meaning of the American flag. Have the kindergarten students circle the flag of the United States on their worksheet.

Where I Live

  • Talk about the students' addresses and help them find themselves on the map. From newspaper ad inserts, and copies from pictures of illustrations from books or from online downloads, provide students with a variety of buildings, vehicles, roads, trees, flowers and other things they see around their neighborhood. Let students cut out pictures that remind them where they live; include an outline of the state in which they live. Provide cardstock and glue. Show the kindergarten students how to create a montage by arranging and layering the pictures they choose. Encourage them to color a frame around the edges. Title the montages "Where I Live." Hang the results on the board.

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