Low-Carb Vodka Drinks


Vodka has no carbs, but vodka cocktails can often be loaded with sugar and carbs from ingredients like simple sugar, fruit juice and regular soda. The lowest-carb vodka drinks are made with calorie-free mixers such as club soda, diet soda, diet tonic water and calorie-free sweeteners. Skipping the sugary additions will help you stick to your low-carb diet and still enjoy a drink with friends. Speak to your doctor about what kinds of and how much alcohol you can safely consume.

Keeping Vodka Low Carb

  • A simple vodka and soda is completely carb free and a go-to cocktail for carb watchers. But it can get boring. Dress it up by adding fresh fruit and vegetables, such as a lime wedge, a slice of cucumber and a chunk of fresh watermelon. Not only will you be imbibing less than 100 calories, you'll be getting some fiber and essential vitamins and minerals, too.

    Cosmopolitans are sweet, fruity and full of carbs, but they don't have to be. Pick up some lemon-flavored vodka and diet cranberry juice and add a little fresh-squeezed lime juice for a drink with fewer than 100 calories and less than 1 gram of carbs.

    For a cocktail that tastes like eating a piece of cake, mix vanilla vodka with diet ginger ale, a sweet combination with under 100 calories and no carbs.

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