Christmas Projects Using Glass Blocks

Create Christmas decorations and gifts with glass blocks. A long-time favorite for building projects, the blocks have become a crafting favorite. Crafters use both sealed blocks and blocks with removable side sections to aid in adding light strings and craft items. They are available in different sizes and shapes, different see-through colors and also with different patterns on the glass. Creating beautiful Christmas projects with glass blocks works well for beginner and novice crafters.

  1. Stacked Blocks

    • Stack three different sizes of blocks, with the smallest on top and largest at the bottom. Spread a layer of grout mortar between each layer to hold the blocks securely. Paint a snowman or Santa face on the top block with acrylic or glass paints. Use the two wider blocks for the body. Cut and glue on felt or craft foam pieces to create the buttons, belt and other desired features, or paint these items onto the blocks. Create a choir of carolers or angels with several stacked-block figures. Paint on facial features and glue on winter hats, yarn or wig hair, fabric shawls and other desired items. Cut angel wings from white craft foam if you wish to make angels. Use a hot glue gun to attach a wing to each side of the middle glass block on each angel.


    • Follow decal instructions to place a sports or college logo on the front of a glass block.

      Use a child's favorite cartoon character or hero decal for a bank or room decoration.

      Add facial feature decals to a single block to create a snowman, Santa or reindeer Christmas decoration. Be sure to use a glass block that has a plastic lid opening if you wish to place something inside the block for a gift or use it for a bank.

    Lighted Blocks

    • Use glass blocks with a removable and replaceable lid for lighted projects. Lay a clear or colored square block flat on a surface to create a wrapped-gift-look centerpiece. Place a string of white or colored lights inside the block. Leave the lid off so the electrical cord can stick out. Tie a decorative ribbon around the block as if you are wrapping a package. Place a large ribbon bow in the center of the top of the block. Stand a block of any shape and color on one of it's ends. Place lights inside the block and leave the lid off to provide for the electrical cord. Use glass paints, decals or glitter glue to decorate the outside of the block.

    Etched Glass

    • Create an elegant centerpiece or gift from a smooth-surface glass block. Follow the instructions on the glass etching substance package to tape a pattern onto the block and do the etching procedure. Etch one or both surfaces of the block. If desired, placed colorful or white lights inside the finished block. If desired, place one or more battery-operated candles inside the block. Leave the candles loose to be able to turn them off and on when desired.

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