Fun Games to Improve Your Relationship


Playing a game with your partner will teach you a little bit about each other and your competitive and playful spirits while you have fun together. The pressure of day-to-day life can often get in the way of spending quality time with the person you love. Games offer you both a chance to stop thinking about the rest of your lives and focus only on each other. Even if the game isn’t romantically oriented, simply sitting down together and relaxing will help to improve your relationship.

Truth or Dare

  • This classic game isn’t just for kids. You can play anywhere, using only your imagination to come up with personal truth questions and bold dares. This game will teach you about your partner and the dares will lighten the mood to keep it fun. Just be wary of prying into old relationships, since you might stir up some jealousy or bad feelings.

Board Games

  • Board games work well for rainy days or cozy evenings at home. If you have a favorite board game, start a score board and play an ongoing tournament with your partner. Add bonuses to the game to keep it interesting. For example, after three wins the loser has to cook dinner for the winner, or has to give the winner a massage.


  • A classic one-on-one basketball game or even a game of ping pong will give you and your partner the opportunity to enjoy healthy competition while building your fitness. If one of you is more athletically gifted, she can provide pointers and teach some skills, building an emotional bond through the physical activity. The more activities you can enjoy together, the more variety you will add to the relationship.


  • For a non-sexual but still relationship-building game, try trivia. Challenging yourself and your partner to answer trivia questions will get you both thinking, and it will teach you about the others' interests and abilities. You may be surprised by what your partner knows. If there are things you don’t know, use them as an opportunity to learn something new together. Play trivia in the bath for an added romantic twist.

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