Ideas for a Daily Homeschool Schedule for 3rd Grade


The laws governing home-schools vary by state, but many students study subjects similar to their peers in public and private schools. Parents may choose to purchase a ready-made package of curricula, create their own lessons using a variety of resources and publishers, work through unit studies, or follow a different path, such as "unschooling."

The schedule may vary according to the methods chosen, the needs and abilities of the student and the resources available.

Traditional Leaning Model

  • If the parent chose a packaged curriculum or a collection of subject-specific texts for the third-grade student, the child may spend a significant portion of the instructional day in activities similar to her public and private school peers. She may move through reading and writing to social studies, math and science with some instruction and support from the parent. The time frame will depend on the individual student and the assignments for that day.

    A lunch break could allow her to take time for a lesson in home economics that results in a healthy meal and spending time with siblings. Following lunch, she would finish any remaining lessons. She might spend some time on independent reading and study near the end of the day.

Unit Studies

  • Some parents find unit studies a practical method when teaching children of various ages or children who like to work on lessons using a common topic thread. Morning instruction may include basic teaching on the unit topic. Following that, she and any siblings may split up to work on age- and ability-appropriate learning. Math, reading, writing, social studies and science may all be tied into the unit study topic.

    For example, a lesson on baseball might tie together baseball statistics (math), the history of baseball and key players (social studies, reading and writing). The third-grader might spend time learning what nutrition a ball player needs to play effectively (science and health). A parent or older sibling may assist with questions. The day might end with the child presenting information learned during that day's work.

Homeschool Cooperatives

  • Some families get together one or more times a week to meet with other home-schoolers in cooperative learning. They may take field trips together, listen to special presenters and engage in group learning. On other days, the school day could proceed much like the traditional-learning schedule.

    On co-op days, the third-grader would arrive at the "school" location and participate in group instruction. Depending on the size of the co-op, there could be many classes to choose from, with sessions running only through the morning or into the afternoon. Parents may drop off the children or stay to provide instruction.

    At the end of the co-op day, students go home to work on class assignments as well as their usual studies.


  • Although a less common method, unschooling allows the student to choose what to learn and when. She might choose to spend the day on the computer learning about animal husbandry and spend the afternoon caring for animals. The parent may observe and provide direction when asked, but little formal instruction occurs unless the student seeks it.


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