What Is the Recommended Humidity Range for Laptops?

Laptops today operate at high speed and produce a lot of heat; keeping this heat under control is essential to proper computer functioning and maintenance. High humidity conditions will exacerbate heat build-up inside your laptop and system cooling fans may not be enough to counter this effect. Alternatively, moisture levels that drop too low can cause a laptop to malfunction as a result of static electricity. Shutdowns, freezes or even permanent component damage can result if humidity levels in and around your laptop are not monitored and managed.

  1. Humidity Range

    • Computer experts state that for optimum performance, laptops should only be exposed to relative humidity levels in the range of 40 to 55 percent. Relative humidity gauges are widely available at home improvement, hardware and department stores.

    Extreme Moisture

    • While some laptops are specifically designed for harsher conditions, it is generally wise to keep your laptop away from showers, humidifiers or steamy outdoor weather.

    Extreme Dryness

    • In the winter when air is at its driest, consider using a humidifier to keep moisture levels in the recommended range. Just be sure to keep the humidifier at least 10 feet away from your laptop at all times.


    • When not in use, always store your laptop in a protective, moisture-proof case or sleeve.

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