What Are the Benefits of Workplace Cafes?

Having a cafe in the workplace can produce productivity and save the employees time.
Having a cafe in the workplace can produce productivity and save the employees time. (Image: cafe image by daniel mauch from Fotolia.com)

Having a café near the office or as part of the office may have some disadvantages, as some employees may end up spending too much of their time drinking coffee or leaving their desks to buy a piece of cake. But having a workplace café also has a set of benefits that may end up improving productivity around the office.

Shorter Lunch Breaks

Having a café readily available in the office or in the office building may end up shortening the employees’ lunch breaks, if the employees frequently leave the office to eat lunch. For example, taking the elevator down and eating lunch in the workplace café can save time, as going out for lunch usually requires more time going to the car, getting through traffic and sitting down at a local restaurant. While some businesses have set lunch breaks at half an hour or a full hour, some employees may not finish lunch within the given period, because they leave the office. Having a café in the building can help employees keep their lunch period within a given time frame.

Stretch the Legs

Employees who often sit in front of the computer to finish work assignments may need to stretch their legs and body during the day. Having a workplace café on a different floor than the offices can give the employees a reason to get up and walk around the building. For example, the employee may go down to the café to get a cup of coffee or bottle of water several times during the day. Getting up and moving around can cause people to feel better and sustain energy throughout the working day.

Client Meetings

Having a workplace café can be time efficient, as clients and customers can meet with employees in the workplace café for meetings instead of at local restaurants. For example, an employee may leave the office building to have lunch with a client at a local restaurant. This can take time, as the employee has to leave the office early to be on time at the restaurant. If the restaurant is not near the office, traffic may also take up time. Meeting clients at the workplace café gives the employee more time to work, as he can simply go to the café and return to the office in a matter of minutes.

Change of Scenery

Working in the same office, on the same projects, every day can become less motivating as the days go by. A workplace café can provide the employees with a fresh change of working scenery. To improve motivation in the office, employees can bring reports and paperwork down to the café and read through them, while sipping a latte or eating a piece of afternoon cake.

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