Effective Flyer Advertising


One popular method of print advertising, particularly among small businesses, is the distribution of flyers. Flyer advertising presents a number of advantages. For example, flyer advertising is relatively low cost, with a low price for production and dissemination. In addition, flyer advertising can be targeted to specific recipients in a way that certain mass marketing methods cannot. Yet, the effectiveness of a flyer advertising campaign can vary greatly depending on a number of factors related to the flyers' design and distribution.


One of the most important elements of a flyer advertising campaign is the design of the flyers themselves. In order to succeed, a flyer must be both legible and visually interesting. While a flyer's design need not be sophisticated or fancy, it should, like other print ads, catch the readers' attention and transmit a message to them. A poorly designed flyer will confuse readers or cause potential readers to ignore it.

Targeting Recipients

When flyering, a business should consider what clients it wishes to target. Flyers can be distributed in several different ways, including through the mail, by handing them out to pedestrians, or by placing them on a person's property. Before flyer advertising, a business should outline who it wants to read the message. Sometimes, the answer may be as simple as "people who live and work near the store." In this case, the business might want to hand flyers out to people on nearby streets.

Annoyance Potential

One hazard of flyer advertising is that some potential customers may consider the receipt of flyers an unwanted annoyance. For example, an individual who receives flyers under the door of his house or in the window of his car may feel negatively toward the company that placed them there. This can create the opposite effect for the advertising business. To guard against this, the company should attempt to gauge how welcome the flyers are, so as to minimize the annoyance of potential customers.


Businesses also must give some thought as to whether flyer advertising is a marketing technique that fits with the product or service they wish to advertise and to their image as a company. Flyer advertising is simply not appropriate for some businesses. For example, an exclusive nightclub may work against its own image by handing out flyers. By contrast, a lawn care business may find the flyer advertising of houses with large lawns a terrific method of reaching potential clients.

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