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School yearbooks often feature the same types of pictures year in and year out. While those traditional pictures are undoubtedly important, it is the creative photography that fills the other pages and sets one yearbook apart from another. A creative photograph can be one of a common subject that you take in a unique, eye-catching fashion. You can also achieve a creative photo by simply capturing a creative subject.

Remember Emotion as Well as Action

  • Every yearbook features the same, albeit important, shot of the entire team lined up and smiling at the camera. But team members and spectators alike are going to want to remember the important moments of the game as well. Always send a yearbook staffer on assignment for games and club events. Be sure to have the photographer capture the emotion involved in winning (or even losing) a significant game or match. In other words, while those action shots are good filler for yearbook pages; a shot of a team member on his knees, crying tears of joy after scoring the winning touchdown for the championship game is one that will mark the moment for years on end. Get creative with school club events as well. When photographing a chess match, for example, remember that there are so many more shots than the basic one of the opponents battling it out. Zoom in close to the chessboard as one opponent sweeps his piece across it and declares "Checkmate." Get up close and personal, focusing on the wrinkle of the other opponent's brow as she concentrates with all her might. Experiment with different angles and remember to capture emotion rather than just action.

Appreciate the Architecture

  • Too busy photographing everything that's going on inside the school, yearbook staffers often forget what a beautiful subject the school itself can be. Capture some of the architecture that makes the school unique. Take a panoramic shot of the school that can cover the length of a yearbook page. Zoom in close on interesting details of the school buildings, like an oddly shaped window or intricate stairway. If the schools has an easily recognizable mascot or statue, try to shoot it in such a way that will require the viewer to examine it twice.

Exploit Stereotypes

  • Cliques are inevitable in just about any schools. Within each clique, though, is an opportunity to capture some creative photographs. Consider the unique wardrobe or style that often accompanies each clique of people. Rather than just photographing students hanging out in the commons among their groups of friends, try taking photos of certain clothing items, accessories or hairstyles that make each group individual. For example, take a photo of a letterman's jacket adorned with several sports pins to represent what some may call the typical "jock." Capture the tips of a highly-spike mohawk or the loosely hanging chains from a "punk rocker's" pocket. Take an abstract shot of a musical instrument being held by a member of the school band. Try to find something beautiful about every group of people, and capture that beauty in a creative way.

Recognize the Generally Unrecognized

  • Sometimes the most interesting individuals are those whose only photo in the yearbook ends up being the one taken on picture day. Give these people more press by exploring interests that may not be as recognized. Photograph a couple of students playing hacky sack in the corridor or a girl sitting quietly, journaling in her notebook. Ask an artist if you can take an over-the-shoulder shot of him perfecting his masterpiece. Photograph the dancer who sneaks into the studio during lunch break to practice her plies. (Just watch out for those pesky mirrors). These are all creative subjects that you might not generally recognize for their hobbies, interests or talents in a school yearbook.


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