Louisiana State Unemployment Benefits

The state of Louisiana pays unemployment compensation to workers in the state who are out of a job due to a lack of work or elimination of a position with a Louisiana employer. The compensation helps those who are seeking new employment pay for household expenses and the care of dependents. Claimants must meet the eligibility requirements of the Louisiana Workforce Commission when filing a claim for benefits.

  1. Eligibility

    • Claimants for unemployment benefits in Louisiana must meet state eligibility requirements. The individual must be unemployed completely or working for fewer hours and earning an amount less than the weekly benefit amount from unemployment compensation. Those seeking unemployment must be able to work and be available for full-time employment. For monetary eligibility, claimants must have earned a minimum of $1,200 in the base period, which Louisiana determines to be the first four of the last five quarters. The total of the base period must also be 1 1/2 times larger than the highest-paying quarter.


    • The calculation for the weekly benefit amount uses the average wages paid during the base period. The average quarterly earnings are divided by 25 and multiplied by 1.05. The result is then multiplied again by 1.15 to determine the weekly benefit amount, according to the Louisiana Workforce Commission. Claimants can collect benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks, but during times of high unemployment, the state may grant extensions to the unemployment compensation program. The maximum weekly benefit is $247, as of January 2011.


    • Those seeking unemployment compensation must file an initial claim for benefits to determine eligibility and the weekly benefit amount. The state requires claimants to provide a name, address, Social Security number and information on past employers. Employment information includes the name and address of the employer along with dates of employment and the reason for separation.

    Search for Work

    • The state of Louisiana requires recipients of unemployment compensation to conduct work searches each week while claiming benefits. The claimant must have a minimum of one employer contact each week while collecting benefits. Individuals who fail to search for work or accept offers of work can be denied unemployment benefits.

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