Ideas for Big Business

Big businesses can use suggestions from different sources to make their organizations more profitable. For example, businesses can launch a new product or use feedback from employees or consumers to improve a business process. Businesses need a systematic approach to processing ideas; they might turn to a system of managing new ideas to ensure that people in the organization can consider those ideas for the improvement of the company.

  1. Invest in Employees

    • Plan a new program to invest in employees. You can look for ideas for this program using suggestions from an employee survey. A program must be clearly linked to the future staffing needs of the company. For example, you might make a commitment to developing employees by creating a new management training program or a scholarship program. You want to show employees that your financial investment is tied to their development, not just to the human capital benefits for the company.

    Creativity Management

    • One type of innovative management approach is called a creativity management system. Your company can create or purchase a new creativity management solution. Big businesses that have invested heavily in their software system can add a system that interfaces with their email system, database system, workflow or other CIS. If you don't have a huge database system to interface with, choose among all of the creativity management systems on the market.


    • Create a public promotion that will bring in new ideas and strategies from external stakeholders. Your promotion might target specific groups, such as consumers, investors, suppliers and friends and families of your employees. If you will solicit these ideas and take the time to review them, what you learn might lead to millions in savings and/or profits. You need to create a team of people inside the organization who will review these ideas prior to announcing your promotion. For example, form a task force of managers, one from each business function, to review ideas.

    New Brand

    • Use a suggestion from a person inside your company to launch a new brand. How you approach the product launch will be the job of the marketing experts in the company. However, they should consider the power of new media, such as Internet and mobile communications, to power the new brand launch. You want to build awareness of your brand at a national level. A marketing firm, for example, can conduct research with target groups to determine which combination of marketing strategies will best present your new product.

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