What Do You Substitute for Liquor in Virgin Daiquiris?


Daiquiris, with their ability to both cool you down and warm you up, are just the thing for a hot summer afternoon. Virgin daiquiris, the nonalcoholic version of the drink, maintain all of the fruit flavor with none of the boozy punch. Drop the alcohol or substitute daiquiri's rum with a suitable nonalcoholic ingredient for a tropical treat that won't kill brain cells.

Go Without or Water It Down

  • Some daiquiri recipes are so chock full of other ingredients that they can stand to just have the rum omitted. The key is to add 1 1/2 times more ice; blend the drink longer, say about 10 to 15 seconds more; or do both. For premade mixes, the sugar content is usually pretty high, so more ice or a little bit of water works best. If you are adding more ice, make it about 1/4 to 1/2 cup more than you would for the alcohol-based drink. If replacing the rum with water, use about half of the amount of rum listed.

Add Some Fizz

  • Sodas work well as a rum substitute in virgin daiquiris. The key to soda substitution is to add one that either has the same flavor as the daiquiri or complements the drink's flavor. For example, in a virgin strawberry daiquiri, strawberry, orange or lemon-lime soda makes for a tasty mock-tail. Other good substitutes include ginger ale for a little bit of spice, cream soda for a touch of sugary vanilla and club soda to balance the drink's sweetness. Pour the same amount of soda as the amount of rum listed, but stir it in after blending to avoid agitating the carbonation.

Juice It Up

  • Although daiquiris are already pretty fruity, mixing in fresh or prepackaged juice is another viable substitution solution. For the best-tasting virgin daiquiris, pick a juice that complements or at least does not dilute the flavor of the drink. For example, lemon juice is good for a mango daiquiri, and orange juice works well in a strawberry one. If making daiquiris from scratch, add a little more sugar, just a dash or two, to make up for the sourness of tart citrus juices. If making a virgin daiquiri from a mix, mix the juice with either one-third or half the amount of water.

Careful Extraction

  • If you desperately need the taste of rum in your virgin daiquiri, different nonalcoholic extracts and a few syrups can successfully pull this off. A nonalcoholic rum extract gives a mock-tail the right flavor without the adult buzz -- add a drop or two and then half the amount of water for every shot of rum needed. Other extracts that work in a pinch are nonalcoholic vanilla, almond and even tequila extract. Flavored coffee syrups also produce the desired taste, though these should be diluted with an equal part of water. Rum and tequila syrups work best, but vanilla and almond syrups also suffice.

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