75th Ranger Workouts


The U.S. Army Rangers are a special operations and airborne light infantry unit that works day or night, in all terrains and weather conditions. The 75th Ranger Regiment is known for its demanding physical training that keeps soldiers in peak condition for the challenges they face during missions around the globe.

Army Ranger Personal Fitness Test

  • Prior to attending Ranger school, the Army mandates that candidates must be able to complete a minimum of 49 push-ups in two minutes, 59 sit-ups in two minutes, six pull-ups, a two-mile run in 15:12, a five-mile run in 40:00 and a 16-mile hike with a 65-lb pack in 5:20. You should be able to meet these minimum standards before attempting any of the more specialized Ranger workouts.

Endurance Training

  • A large portion of Ranger training focuses on increasing endurance since Rangers must often travel long distances on foot at a brisk pace. To increase your endurance, start by alternating running and walking for a total of three miles, three times a week. Run for one minute. Walk for two minutes. Each week, try and increase your running duration by 15 seconds and decrease your walking by 15 seconds. Once you can run three miles without stopping, start increasing your mileage by a half mile every two weeks until you are running five miles three to four times a week.

Ruck Training

  • Rangers typically carry 50-to-75-pound packs loaded with mission-specific equipment. To avoid injury, do not start hiking with a 50-pound ruck. Start with an empty backpack and walk three miles at a brisk pace in boots. Do this once a week in addition to your running. Add 10 pounds a week until you can comfortably hike three miles with a 50-pound load. At that point, start increasing your distance by half-mile or one-mile increments until you can hike 16 miles with a full 50-pound load.

Upper-Body Conditioning

  • Rangers must push, pull and move their bodies over and through various obstacles. Bodyweight exercises help develop the necessary strength, muscular endurance and coordination. Three times a week, complete 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 20 pull-ups. You can break each exercise into multiple sets as long as you complete the total number of repetitions. For example, you can do 10 sets of 10 push-ups or 20 sets of five or even five sets of 20. Your goal is to complete the total number of repetitions in one set. Do the upper-body conditioning before your runs for one week and then after your runs the following week. You will notice the conditioning is much more challenging after a run.

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