How to Cook a Delicious Egg Omelet


An omelet can please any palate, depending on the delicious fillings you choose. This simple egg dish is suitable for breakfast, brunch or lunch, or you can serve it as a light dinner. Selecting the right fillings and using the proper technique results in a flavorful omelet that's perfectly cooked and folded for serving.

The Main Ingredients

  • Eggs provide the main base of any omelet, so using fresh, quality eggs ensures the most delicious flavor. Two eggs is sufficient for a single omelet. A little liquid prevents the eggs from cooking too quickly and becoming rubbery. Although you can use water, milk or cream provides a richer flavor. A single omelet requires about 1 tablespoon of liquid beat into the eggs. You can make the most simple of omelets with just eggs, milk and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Filling Choices

  • Additions provide the means from taking your omelet from good to delicious. Cheese provides a common addition. Nearly any type works well, including cheddar, gruyere, or a spicy pepperjack. Select a cheese that complements the other ingredients. Cooked meats, especially breakfast meats such as ham, bacon or sausage, provide another option. Vegetables such as onions, green peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms, diced finely, and your favorite herbs can round out the omelet. Mix your favorite ingredients together or select a theme, such as a Mexican-inspired sausage, pepperjack, salsa omelet; or an Italian-inspired tomato, basil and mozzarella omelet.

Tools of the Trade

  • A 7-inch frying pan is just the right size for a two-egg omelet. Any smaller and the omelet is too thick, but a larger pan results in a thin omelet that can't hold its filling. You also need a wide spatula so it's simpler to flip and fold the egg as it cooks, otherwise the omelet falls apart. Greasing the pan prevents the omelet from sticking. Olive oil or a relatively flavorless oil works well, or you can use real butter to add more richness to the omelet.

Basic Technique

  • Begin with a greased pan preheated over medium-high heat. Pour the egg and milk mixture into the pan, tilting it until it covers the bottom of the pan evenly. Once the egg mixture cooks on the bottom, lift the edges of the egg and allow the uncooked egg on top to flow beneath the cooked egg. Sprinkle your filling ingredients on top of the egg mixture when it is almost completely set and heat until the cheese melts. Fold the omelet in half with the spatula, and slide it out onto a plate to serve. You can sprinkle the top with more cheese or drizzle it with hollandaise sauce, if you like.

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