Circuit Training Exercises on a Mini Trampoline


Circuit training workouts are time-efficient routines that involve a set of exercises performed in succession, with little or no rest in between sets. Using a mini-trampoline in your circuit training workout allows you to do a wide variety of both cardio and strength exercises and adds a bit of fun to your workout routines. Another bonus to your mini-trampoline workout is that in addition to the usual benefits of exercise, like improved circulation, physical strength and mood, the force of upward and downward movement cleanses your lymphatic system, strengthens your bones and improves your skin.


  • Begin your circuit workout with three to five minutes of gentle bouncing on the mini-trampoline. Jumping only 2 to 3 inches off the trampoline, perform the basic bounce, which simply involves bouncing on both feet. Then switch to bouncing on alternating feet. Get your arms warmed up by pumping them gently as you bounce and by performing forward and backward arm circles while bouncing.

Cardio Exercises

  • Once you are warmed up, your cardio circuit could consist of many exercises, depending on how much variety you like. Beyond basic jumps, you may perform knee lifts, side-to-side jumps, bounce kicks, twists, jumping jacks, cross-country skiing and bounces with punches. Choose five of these exercises and perform each for one minute. You may also walk and jog on the mini-trampoline, varying your intensity within the cardio intervals of your circuit workout.

Strength Exercises

  • For the strength segment of your workout, you may either remain standing on the mini-trampoline or use the trampoline itself. For the first option, use hand weights to perform bicep curls, tricep extensions, chest presses and shoulder presses for one minute each while maintaining a slow to moderate walking pace on the mini-trampoline. Then perform one minute of windmills while still holding the weights. With your feet hip-width apart, hold a weight or kettlebell in your left hand, raise the weight overhead, then slide your right hand down toward your right foot and try to touch your toes as you rotate your chest upward to look at the weight in your left hand. Bring yourself back up to standing. Repeat for 30 seconds and then switch sides for 30 seconds to complete one minute of windmills.

    To use the trampoline itself, simply lie on your back and perform abdominal exercises such as bicycle and reverse crunches. Use the edge of the mini-trampoline to do tricep dips, pushups and planks. Once your strength interval is complete, repeat the cardio and strength segments consecutively two more times.

Cool Down

  • To cool down after your mini-trampoline circuit workout, gently bounce for a few minutes as you did during the warm-up, either swinging your arms naturally or resting them on your hips. Then engage in a full-body stretching routine. Perform your standing stretches on the trampoline to engage your core and improve your balance.

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