Can I Drink Pinot Grigio That Has Been Open After Two Weeks?


That open bottle of pinot grigio has been hanging around your refrigerator for a couple of weeks now, and you're wondering if you can drink it. Yes, you can drink it. There is nothing harmful about drinking any bottle of wine that's been open for a few weeks. The question then becomes, "Do you want to drink it?" And the answer depends on what it tastes like.

Taste the Wine

  • Pour a small glass of the pinot grigio and taste it. If the bottle was recorked and put in the refrigerator, chances are its taste has changed significantly. It will have lost many of its identifying characteristics. The citrus, melon and pear flavors it's known for will have dulled. It may taste like almost nothing or it may taste vinegary. If it still tastes OK to you, it's perfectly safe to drink. If it's not palatable, you don't have to just dump it down the drain.

Cook With Pinot Grigio

  • The fruity flavors of a freshly opened bottle of pinot grigio can sometimes overwhelm a delicate sauce or soup, but if the flavors have dulled -- and the wine has not turned vinegary yet -- cooking with it is a great option so it doesn't go to waste. It can be used in place of water to steam shellfish, added to French onion soup or white chicken chili, or made into a white wine reduction sauce to spoon on top of chicken, seafood or pork.

Make Pinot Grigio Ice Cubes

  • Turning the two-week old pinot grigio wine into ice cubes is another option if the wine hasn't turned vinegary. You can add the cubes to recipes that call for white wine, of course, but there's another use for these ice cubes. If you're a frequent drinker of pinot grigio, you can pop one of the cubes into a glass poured from a freshly opened bottle if it hasn't had the time to chill yet.

Add it to Fromage Fort

  • Make a lovely cheese spread out of leftover pinot grigio and leftover cheeses. This is a French method of using up the leftovers of a great pairing -- wine and cheese. A pound of leftover cheeses, 1/4 cup of white wine, garlic and some fresh herbs get whizzed together in a food processor to make a cheese spread that's deliciously different each time.

Pour Vinegary Pinot Grigio on Compost

  • If you have a backyard compost pile of yard clippings or food waste, pour the old wine over it. Wine helps activate the bacteria in the compost pile and helps it to turn into rich, organic soil to use as fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants.

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