How to Unlock Weapons in ''Chivalry''


“Chivalry: Medieval Warfare” puts a unique spin on the first-person shooter by removing the shooting and focusing almost entirely on melee combat. In “Chivalry,” you and your friends take the role of medieval soldiers, armed only with era-appropriate weapons like broadswords, axes and polearms. While you begin the game with a basic arsenal, participating in combat scenarios will help you add weapons and items to your armory.

Horizontal Progression

  • “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare” makes use of a horizontal progression system. Essentially, this means that all soldiers in “Chivalry” are equal and set apart only by the weapons they wield. Weapons are unlocked across a grid that is divided by weapon category -- every item available in “Chivalry” falls within one of the game’s broad itemization categories.

Earning Weapon Unlocks

  • To unlock weapons in “Chivalry,” you have to use the available weapons in the corresponding category. For example, setting an axe as your primary weapon will assist you in unlocking axes, while choosing a polearm will help you unlock further polearms. Each item in the grid has a number overlay; to unlock that weapon, you must kill foes with the weapon preceding it until the number overlay counts down to zero. If the number on the overlay is 75, for instance, you will need to kill 75 foes with the preceding weapon in the same category. Non-playable characters at mission objectives also count as valid kills.

Updates and Changes

  • “Chivalry,” like other games, is in a constant state of evolution. It receives regular content patches that sometimes include new weapons or tweak the exact specifications regarding how weapons are unlocked. Be aware that each new update to “Chivalry” could change the way the unlock system progresses, or adjust the exact values required to unlock any given item. Additional game content can also add new items to unlock, while some existing items may be removed or modified.

VAC-Secured Servers

  • In order to unlock weapons in “Chivalry,” you must be playing on a VAC-secured server with at least five other players. VAC, short for “Valve Anti-Cheat,” is the game’s anti-cheating and anti-hacking software and it ensures players are following the rules. This requirement is in place to prevent players from quickly gaining access to all of “Chivalry’s” weapons by cheating or trading kills with a couple of friends. If you are not on a VAC-secured server, kills will not count toward unlocks.

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