What to Put in When Baking Fish to Absorb the Odor


Fish is one of many foods that can make a strong, stinky odor while cooking that many people can't stand. It shares this distinction with curry, several cheeses, such as Camembert and cauliflower. The fishy smell can linger in a kitchen and even overpower a small home for hours after cooking. However, this doesn't have to happen. There are several tricks for absorbing the odor of the fish during and after baking.

Getting Odors Out of the Kitchen

  • You can begin to get rid of the odor while the fish is in the oven. One way is to brew tea as you would normally. Make it very strong. Place the tea near the oven and let the tea bags steep. The tea will absorb the fishy smell in the air as the fish bakes. Throw the tea out after the baking is done. Another option is to place a bowl of vinegar on the stovetop. It works the same as the tea to remove the fish odors.

Getting Odors Out of the Oven

  • You can fight the odors from inside the oven as well. Place a pan of water in the oven with an inch of water in it. Choose an odor eater such as vinegar or lemons to put in the water. Place the pan on the rack under the fish. As the water boils, the odor eater will help absorb the odor. Keep an eye on the water levels. Refill the pan with water as often as needed to keep it from going dry.

Absorbing Odors after Baking

  • There is also a way to clear the fishy odors out of the air while you clean up after baking. Mix cinnamon, vanilla or peels from a lemon or orange in with a pot of oil. You can use other pungent herbs like mint. Heat the oil and let it simmer. The oil helps to absorb the fish odor, while the herbs or peels replace the fishy smell with a more pleasant one. You can do a similar job by boiling a pot of vinegar or a pot of lemon juice.

Additional Tips

  • Cut out the need for odor elimination by soaking the fish in vinegar and water before you begin preparing it for baking. Don't rinse the vinegar from the fish. The soak doesn't have to be long, about 10 to 15 minutes will do. You don't have to worry about the smell or taste of vinegar ruining the fish. Once the baking starts, the only thin you will smell are the herbs and sauces you used to prepare the fish. The vinegar taste won't be there either. Once the fish has finished cooking, soak the dishes used in preparation in vinegar and water before washing them. Doing so purges the scent from the dishes.

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