Top 10 Places Your Kids Hide Things


Most children relish the chance to be independent and many children exert that independence by hiding things. Younger children might hide a favorite toy from siblings and older children might hide notes from the opposite sex. While you should certainly allow your child to hide things, satisfy your own curiosity by learning some of the top hiding spots your child might have. Don't peek, however, because that could betray your child's trust in you -- unless, of course, you suspect that your child is hiding something dangerous such as drugs or alcohol. In these cases, peeking will help protect your child.

Under the Bed

  • Under the bed is a classic hiding spot for children of all ages. Younger children might stash toys under the bed while older children might make it their go-to spot for stashing love notes or personal journals.

In Dresser Drawers

  • Dresser drawers are another classic hiding spot, especially for older children who put away their own laundry. The drawers make a good hiding spot for a diary, stack of papers or other small keepsakes. Older children might hide drugs or alcohol in the back of dresser drawers, as well.

In the Closet

  • Many children use their closets as a place to stash their mess, which also makes it a good place to conceal toys, books or other objects they don't want to share or don't want anyone else to find.

In Other Containers

  • Many children hide things in containers that are used for other purposes, such as a jewelry box or a shoe box. Young children often enjoy collecting a group of random keepsakes and will stash them in another container to keep them all together. Older children might use these to conceal the fact that they are hiding something that's not allowed.

In Backpacks or Purses

  • Older children often hide things in their backpacks or purses because these are generally considered private and most parents don't rifle through them. These are classic places for children to hide love notes, papers with poor grades or worse.

Under Furniture

  • Quickly stashing something under the couch or dresser is something many children resort to, to keep things out of sight or to avoid getting into trouble. Many parents of toddlers know that they are pretty crafty about picking their noses and wiping the boogers under the couch to avoid getting into trouble. Older children might hide an inappropriate magazine or a diary in these places, as well.

In Cabinets

With Toys

  • Younger children might hide a beloved object from a sibling or parent by stashing it in places that are hard to search through, such as in a toy box or nestled in a bin of other toys. Some children will bury an object under a stack of stuffed animals on the bed, too.

Behind Things

  • Behind the television stand, dresser or bookshelf each make a good hiding spot for small things such as journals, favorite books and even homemade cards your child is saving for your birthday or other holiday.


  • Many children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, load their pockets with treasures such as rocks, pebbles, marbles, small sticks or the occasional frog or worm. Older children might stash notes, cigarettes or money in their pockets.


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