Merge Two Layers in Pixlr


When you use the free Pixlr image editor to create layers, the program manages them as separate entities. For instance, if your first layer consists of a yellow box and the second one contains text, you'll see text sitting on top of a yellow box when you view the canvas. Because these layers are separate, you can change one layer without affecting the other. When you'd like to create a single image from your layers, you can merge them in a couple of ways.

Learn About Layers

  • Transparent layers are useful because they help people design complex images. If you create a layer that contains a yellow box, you can add a second layer that sits on top of the first one. If the second layer consists of text, you will see that text sitting on top of a yellow box when you view the drawing canvas. Changes that you make to the yellow box will not affect the text as long as you do not merge the layers. You can also stack as many layers as you like to produce any effect you desire.

Pixlr Layering Tools

  • Pixlr functions like an online version of your favorite desktop image-editing program. It has drawing tools, filters, and a simple Layers panel, similar to one you might find in Photoshop. If you’ve never used Pixlr layers, you can add one by clicking “Layers” and selecting “New Layer” to add a new layer to the image. The Layers panel contains a tiny thumbnail that represents that layer. When you draw something on the canvas, your paint strokes go into the new layer. Add a second layer and draw something else, and Pixlr sends paint strokes into the second layer.

Turn Two Layers Into One

  • When you are ready to combine layers, click the "Layers" menu and select "Merge Down." Pixlr merges all layers and combines them into one. If you’d rather merge just the image's visible layers, select “Merge Visible” instead. Sometimes it's hard to identify individual layers by looking at them on the canvas. The best way to work with layers is to view them in the Layers panel. Because check marks appear next to visible layers, you can hide a layer by removing its check mark.

Additional Layering Tips

  • You may want to save a copy of your image as a Layered Pixlr Image file before you merge its layers. This enables you to work on that image later when you'd like to manipulate the individual layers. Save your image as a PXD by clicking "File" and then clicking the drop-down menu in the Format section. Click "PXD (Layered Pixlr Image)," and then click "OK" to save your image in that format. The next time you open that file, all of your layers will be intact.

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