How to Improve Audio Output on an HDTV


While HDTVs can deliver amazing high-definition picture in a number of sizes, the audio output from most HDTVs is underwhelming or mediocre at best. Improving the audio output for your HDTV can depend on a number of factors -- primarily the location of your TV and whether you're willing to purchase an additional sound system.

Location Properties

  • The acoustics of a room can contribute considerably to the quality of sound you enjoy from your TV's speakers. The position of your seating relative to the TV can dramatically alter your audio experience. Consider repositioning your seating, as being too close to the TV can produce loud, distorted sound, while being too far away will render it quiet and ineffectual. The acoustic properties of the walls in the room can also contribute to poor quality audio due to excess echo or reverberation.

Sound Baffles

  • If the acoustic properties of your room are inhibiting audio performance, installing sound baffles may be a viable option. Sound baffles are used to control the acoustic properties of a room, especially in relation to echo and reverberation. They are often used in theaters, conference rooms and concert halls to improve the projection of primary sound while limiting noisy ambient sound and/or the negative effects of a room's shape or building materials.

Soundbar Amplification

  • Sometimes, the simple fact is that your HDTV just has lousy speakers. HDTV designs often result in sleek, flat monitors with excellent picture quality and almost non-existent space for speakers. The placement of these speakers can also be awkward, especially in televisions with minimal bezel space. Soundbars are an optional accessory that connect to the audio ports on your television, providing stereo sound from a single speaker bar that can be placed beneath the television. Some soundbars also feature simulated surround sound for a further enhanced audio experience.

Surround Sound System

  • For many, a simple soundbar will be more than sufficient to improve audio output to acceptable levels. If you're looking for something with more fine control over the audio mix or find soundbar audio insufficient, full-fledged surround sound may be your ideal option. While easily the most expensive option for improving your sound experience, a correctly configured surround sound system can provide clear, high-fidelity sound to any point in the room and make your entertainment media that much closer to that "at the movies" experience.

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