What Are the Benefits of Doing a Back Flip?


There are several tangible benefits of doing a back flip. You might have just learned how to do a back flip, but you have also taken an important step toward overcoming fear and complacency. Doing a back flip will make you stronger and more confident. You'll also gain tumbling skills that you can apply to more difficult flips. You might feel awesome when you land your first trick, but the benefits of doing a back flip go far beyond immediate gratification.

Improved Health and Fitness

  • You can improve your overall health and fitness by doing a back flip. Gymnastics and tumbling in general takes a great deal of power, balance and muscular endurance. Doing a back flip requires an explosive burst of strength from the legs, as well as flexibility of your hips, abdomen and core. According to Gym.net, a website for gymnastics professionals, doing gymnastics can help reduce certain health risks such as high blood pressure, certain cancers and asthma. Doing back flips will also increase bone density and help build muscular strength. Tumbling, gymnastics and free-running instill in you a physical fitness discipline that encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Simply put, flips make physical fitness more fun.

Overcoming Fear

  • Doing a back flip, especially for the first time, hinges on overcoming a certain level of fear. Jumping and going end over end is not a natural movement that your body and mind will easily and willfully accept. You have to condition the movement into your body and win the battle of fear that takes place in your mind. Once you do, overcoming the fear of doing a back flip becomes a badge of courage. It also erodes away fearful feelings you might have about other obstacles in life, too, such as social situations, academic achievements and risk taking in general.

Gaining Self-Confidence

  • Confidence and self-esteem are intangible qualities that we wrestle with at different times in our lives. Doing a back flip can help you gain self-confidence. A back flip is a physical feat of strength, flexibility and technique. It's not an easy skill to learn or master, so you have to progress in levels. Each step you take toward learning a backflip erodes doubt and builds self-confidence. So when you do a back flip, you are professing to the whole world that you have discipline and you've actually trained enough to pull the trick off. It's an ability that nobody can take away from you, a bona fide accomplishment that will help you gain self-confidence.

Progressing to Greater Skills

  • Doing a back flip can help you progress to even greater tumbling skills. If you are a gymnast, free-runner or even a dancer, learning a back flip is just a stepping stone on your road to tumbling greatness. After you do a back flip, other fitness possibilities present themselves. You can transition from a back flip into a back handspring, a parkour vault or even a stylish b-boy freeze. You gain a growing desire to move on to more difficult flips and skills, as well. Once you do a back flip, you can start working toward doing a back flip with a full twist or a back layout. Each new skill leads you down the road of progress, challenging you to continue training.

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