Things About Having Kids No One Tells You


It's easy to be a perfect parent -- before you actually have kids. No one tells you that once your children arrive, you basically throw all of the ideas about the parent you thought you would be out the window. Best to realize early that you have no idea what kind of parent you will be, until you actually have kids.

You're Probably Going to Let Them Watch TV

  • I think we all have opinions about children and TV watching. Most of us make grand statements about how the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against television for children under 2 -- and recommends severely limiting screen time after that. Then one day we turn on Yo Gabba Gabba and we are magically able to answer our morning emails and finish a cup of coffee because our child is transfixed.
    Nobody tells you how easy it's going to be to give into the almighty television.

You're Going to Want Silence When Your Child Naps

  • Do you live in the city or in an otherwise loud building? Are you convinced you will be one of those parents who goes about the house, business as usual, while your child naps? I'm sure many of us think it's ridiculous to raise our children in sound-proof bubbles -- until your fussy little one finally falls asleep. You will be so excited to do something that doesn't involve parenting for a few minutes that you'll do anything to keep the house quiet.
    Nobody tells you how much you'll look forward to those afternoon naps.

You're Going to Feed Them Whatever They'll Eat

  • There are those of us who are certain we are going to source organic foods from the farmer's market and make all of our children's meals from scratch. We certainly aren't going to give them fast food, right? Then our children get to the age where they turn their nose up at everything and we find ourselves letting them eat Goldfish crackers for dinner.
    Nobody tells you how hard it is to get a kid to eat sometimes. And nobody tells you it's okay to occasionally feed them whatever they'll eat to save your own sanity.

Enjoy Being a Perfect Parent -- Before Your Kids Are Born

  • The most important thing to remember about having kids is this: You should make the most of this time before you have children. You'll never be as perfect of a parent as you are right now.


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