Ways to Decorate a Child's Timeout Chair


A timeout can be an effective way to stop your child's misbehavior and redirect him toward more appropriate behavior. Timeouts give your child a chance to collect himself and make better choices once he rejoins the rest of the family. Many parents choose to have a designated timeout chair. While timeouts aren't something your child looks forward to, there's no reason his timeout chair shouldn't reflect his personality or fit in with the rest of your home decor.


  • A coat of colorful paint is a simple way to make your child's timeout chair coordinate with the rest of your decor. You might paint the chair one solid color or use two or more colors to make it even more vibrant. Paint the chair your child's favorite color as another easy way to enhance the look of the timeout chair. If you're particularly crafty, you might use two different colors and paint the chair with a striped or dotted pattern.


  • Don't stop with a plain coat of paint. Instead, add flair to the timeout chair by stenciling a design onto the chair with paint. Think about what your child is interested in when choosing a design. A child who is fascinated with insects might enjoy seeing bumblebees or ladybugs on his chair, while a child who likes animals might like images of lions, giraffes and polar bears on her chair. You might stencil on the outline of a clock to make the chair more timeout themed.


  • Decorate your child's timeout chair with encouraging words. The goal of a timeout is to redirect your child's behavior, but you never want the consequence to send the message that you don't love your child. To that end, paint on a message of love that you can read to your child when his timeout is over. You might also write an encouraging Bible or religious verse that's special to your family or add a famous quote that shows your love. Simply writing the words "Time Out" on the chair is another appropriate idea.

Additional Ideas

  • Let your child paint his own timeout chair or stick stickers all over the surface of the chair. If the chair is wooden, decorate it with a soft pillow so your child isn't uncomfortable while he's serving his time. Purchase a pillow from a hobby or craft store or buy fabric and stitch your own. Perhaps your child would even like to choose the fabric himself. However you choose to decorate your child's timeout chair, challenge your child to avoid sitting on it. No matter how much your child likes the appearance of the chair, also let him know you'll be disappointed if he has to sit in it on a regular basis.


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