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From men with closely cropped styles to those sporting sprawling, natural brambles, the beard is a force to be reckoned with -- or, a patch of hair requiring a bit of etiquette, at the very least. If you are unsure how to groom a beard that does not become aesthetically offensive, or if your kisses consistently elicit responses such as, "ouch!" from loved ones, it is time to consider some guidelines for maintaining a well-mannered beard.

Know When to Grow

  • Some men seem to be able to grow a full beard overnight, while others spend weeks and end up with patchy hair. If you are not achieving a full beard, etiquette calls for you to skip the futile attempts. As disappointing as this news may be, maintain a shaved look instead. Or, sculpt dense areas into a different facial hair looks, such as a goatee. Always use a lubricating shave cream or gel, look for a blade that comes with a pre-shaving oil strip and shave with the grain to avoid irritation.

Trim for the Scruff Look

  • If you are a fan of the rugged and cool two-day scruff look that happens before you are in transition to full beard or all the way there, maintain this as a beard style. Keep your hair neat. A beard trimmer that comes with adjustable trim lengths will assist you so that it won't be necessary for you to shave. Taper the border of your beard for a natural finish.

Keep a Clean Neck

  • In following beard etiquette, you do not want to trim your beard too close to your face, but allowing it to travel at will down your neck is also a big no-no. For a natural, clean though not overdone look, trim it to approximately 1 inch beneath your jaw line or 1 inch above your Adam's apple. Use a beard trimmer without its guard to clean up your neck and your cheeks, using your beard's natural shape as your guide.

Shampoo, Condition and Brush

  • Good manners call for a beard that is clean, soft and looks like you pay it some attention. Shampoo your beard on a daily basis with a gentle shampoo to avoid irritating the skin on your face. Try baby shampoo if your daily shampoo is too strong. For an extra touchable and manageable beard, use a conditioner formulated for use on beards or a gentle conditioner formulated for all hair types. Finally, direct and tame that beard with a beard comb or brush.

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