Blue-Eyed Colorpoint Cat Breeds


One of the most sought-after and lovely cat coat colors is the colorpoint. Colorpoint cats have darker colors on their legs, tail and face with a more pale color on most of their body. While the Siamese is the most well-known colorpoint, Himalayans, Balinese and Birman cats also have colorpoint coats and bright blue eyes.


  • The Siamese is one of the oldest and most recognizable breeds of cat. They are the poster-child for a blue-eyed colorpoint cat. The most popular color variety is seal point, but the Cat Fanciers’ Association recognizing three other color varieties: chocolate, lilac and blue. The Siamese has trademark blue eyes in shades of brilliant sapphire. There are two body types: modern and traditional. Traditional Siamese cats have softer, rounder bodies with apple-shaped heads. The modern body type is sleek and slender, with severe wedge-shaped heads. The colorpoint shorthair is a Siamese that comes in other color varieties. Colorpoint shorthairs can have red, cream, tortoiseshell or tabby points.


  • Often believed a separate breed of cat, the Himalayan is actually a type of Persian. According to Animal Planet, Persians are the most popular cats in the United States, with Himalayans being the most popular variety. Himalayans have the laid-back personality, flat face and incredibly fluffy coat indicative of all Persians. Persians were bred with Siamese cats to produce Himalayans who have the same colorpoint coat and brilliant blue eyes. Himalayans come in a variety of colors, including seal ,chocolate, lilac, blue, flame and cream.


  • The Balinese is a longhair version of the Siamese. It's not certain exactly where the longhair gene came from. It could be a naturally occurring gene, or it could’ve come from a mixing of the Siamese bloodline with longhair cats to increase the breeds dwindling numbers following World War I. They share the talkative, intelligent personality with their Siamese cousins, but sport fluffy coats, though not as fluffy as the Himalayan Persian cat. The CFA only recognizes the Balinese in the same four colors as the Siamese. Other color varieties, like flame, cream or tortoiseshell are referred to as Javanese cats.


  • The Birman cat was once considered sacred in Myanmar, which was once called Burma, where the cat gets its name. Myth and legend surrounds the origin of the Sacred Cat of Burma. They have long hair and colorpoint coloration similar to the Siamese, however they have white paws called gloves. Like Siamese, they are born solid white and develop their colored points with age. Birman eyes are blue to blue-violet in color. The CFA only recognizes the four natural colors – seal, chocolate, lilac and blue – but other color varieties such as cinnamon, fawn, red, cream and lynx are recognized by The International Cat Association.

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